Research supports everything we do at Halo Works. Identifying and understanding the problem is half the battle when seeking a solution.

We offer a tailored mix of qualitative and quantitative research based solutions. This might include one to one interviews with senior clients, focus groups, or questionnaire design and solutions to ensure the best response; be that online, telephone or postal. We are flexible and always use the research methodology that is best suited to the client and the relationship they have with their customers and stakeholders.

We are research consultants and will take source material from our clients to ensure the most useful insights and direction, working with the findings to meet the objectives of the client, both in their widest thinking as well on a project by project basis.

Our research presentations are always in workshop format.  We are used to working at the highest level in organisations of all sizes and implementation is always at the forefront of our minds for every project.  Research really starts to matter when it is used, and our clients use and re-use our work because it fits their needs.

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